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Seattle Personal coaches
career coaching
career coaching
career coaches

Seattle Personal Coaches


You Don't Have to be a Wealthy Executive to Get Expert Career Guidance


career coaches
career coaches

f you want to build a life you can be proud of, with your own Seattle personal coaches, then you'll want to look for a coach you like below.  If you can't decide, that's okay too.  Just ask for your free consultation and we'll talk to you about your coaching goals in greater detail and suggest a coach we think would be right for you. 

Our Seattle Personal Coaches


Cameron Powell, Head Coach and Personal Coach

C.J. Liu - Whole-Life Personal Coach


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Seattle Personal coach - Cameron

I'm Cameron Powell, founder of Feroce.  I work out of both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.  I have a great deal of professional experience in personal coaching and I'm the featured coach on several other websites on the Internet.  But I've also been a successful speaker, attorney, executive, and entrepreneur.  And before I became a coach, I figured out how to transform the darkness and doubt in my own life into just the life I wanted.  Now, using a pioneering concept in life and personal coaching that I call Six Ways of Listening, along with our Strategic Life Planning Process:  The Creation of the Future Self and techniques drawn from recent advances in the science of goal-achievement, I personally guide clients like you through the transitions and breakthroughs that open you up to greater success and fulfillment.

Build a life you can be proud of -- and get a hand doing it
Get rid of career indecision once and for all, and start to take action

Get the love you want, and keep the love you find - including through dating tactics and sound counsel online and off
Learn how you make decisions, and improve your choices through increased awareness
Be more authentic -- and more comfortable and confident

● Resume a fitness regimen, and even start a creative or spiritual practice to give life purpose and meaning

Read Cameron's longer bio.  Request a free coaching consultation.


C.J. -- Seattle Personal Coach


Seattle Personal coach - CJ

Hi, I’m C.J. Liu.  I'm based in Seattle, Washington, and I coach individuals, groups, teams, and organizations.  I am a whole life coach, which means I offer a unique blend of personal and business coaching.  I think you’ll find that I have a rare mix of business IQ and emotional intelligence (EQ).  As a former CFO and strategic consultant, my 20 years of business, finance, and product development experience at Fortune 500 companies will serve you in two ways.  First, the skill sets needed for good personal coaching and good business planning both involve setting clear goals, planning, and execution.  Second, I have “real-life” business experience and a personal understanding of typical work issues.

On the home front, I am a working mother with two young boys.  I teach classes on work-life balance at the University of Washington and Centerpoint Institute (in Seattle). Together with my husband, we have created equitable plans for sharing household responsibilities, and a family mission-values statement.  This has been an extremely valuable tool that I share with interested clients.  On the personal side, I am an active student of eastern philosophical wisdom and traditions.

At the end of our personal coaching together, I would like my clients to meet their career and personal goals, and at the same time to feel a greater sense of self-awareness and acceptance.

My Approach:  I find that often that life doesn’t offer a clean separation between work and personal life, which is why I am a whole life coach.    I offer a holistic approach that acknowledges that you are a whole being with a right and left brain. I will present you with tools, strategies, and a process to clarify and create a clear plan (work or non-work)…and I will provide heartfelt support, cheerleading, and empathetic dialogue to guide you or inspire you through road blocks that pop up along the way. Plus, I like to laugh and have fun because life is pretty amusing sometimes.

Read C.J.'s longer Bio.



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Our clients who use one of our career coaches live in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, New York City, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Madison, Milwaukee, NYC, Washington D.C., San Diego, Denver, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Honolulu, Baltimore, Boston, Kansas City, Omaha, Las Vegas, Newark, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Portland, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Jose, Phoenix, Tucson, Tampa, Olympia, Spokane, Tacoma, Palo Alto, Pasadena, Sacramento, Santa Monica, Greenwich, Hartford, New Haven, Albuquerque, Austin, Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Eugene, Salem, and many more!

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