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online dating

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A Review of Online Dating Sites


Relationship coaching for online dating sites -- meeting people in the "virtual world."  How to tell the sites apart? -- The largest of all in sheer numbers, with over 8 million members worldwide at the last count.  If you're doing online dating, this one should be on your list.


Yahoo Personals -- Another good site, with demographics and site functionality similar to 


eHarmony -- A more highly educated and well-heeled demographic, and probably a bit older (fewer in the teens and early twenties) too.  The site measures your personality along 29 dimensions, and uses your answers to a battery of several hundred questions to match you up with others with whom the company believes you'd be compatible. 













Four-Part Article:  "How to Communicate More Like a Long-Necked Giraffe (and Less Like a Jackal)

  1 - Communication for Healthy Relationships

  2 - Relationship Tips

  3 - Relationship Problems

  4 - Relationship Help



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