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What do clients get out of personal life coaching or personal executive coaching?  The same things they seek out on their own, though many of us manage better with a partner


Personal coaching at Feroce starts with an wide-ranging inventory of the whole high-performance human being that is you, including the four fundamentals of work, relationships, health, and self-care or spirituality. In one way of looking at it, you are like a high-performance sports car:  if one of your 4 tires is flat (not to mention two or three), you can't get very far. You also can't drive or accelerate, much less corner on life's curves. Which of your tires are out of air -- that is, in which aspects of your life are you letting yourself down and not fully honoring yourself? Isn't it time you got on the road?


Coaching clients usually have blind spots in places they no longer even see, and our expertise is in identifying and helping them get rid of them. The best coaching is always holistic.  We treat the whole person. Good coaching seeks balance among the “parts” of a client's life, so successful coaching does not gloss over any part of a client’s life. In other words, clients who come to us for personal life coaching or personal executive coaching may also need advice and strategies for getting support for their goals from their significant others or bosses. Check out our success stories and recentFree Coaching Consultation breakthrough coaching conversations.


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We'll look into how well your life is balanced among several major dimensions.  Then we'll get you results in the major areas of personal coaching identified by the International Coach Federation, and others too:

Life planning
Career coaching -- identifying work and career goals and reaching them
Career change and planning

• Identifying and clarifying your values and goals
Relationship coaching -- finding and keeping fulfilling relationships, including strategizing ways for you to get support from significant others for your other life goals, as well as advice in dating -- online and off

• Resolution of conflicts and proven negotiation strategies, borrowed from our extensive legal, business, and negotiation backgrounds, for handling difficult relationships at home or work
Self care and radical self-acceptance
• Improving relationships (Singles, couples, families, dating, and more)
• Improving Health, Fitness, and Spirituality
• Creativity

Spirituality mentoring
• Counseling for financial freedom

• Supplemental, critical support and direction during depression and other life crises

• Better organization to make you more efficient and able to enjoy more of what you want out of life

• Life vision & enhancement

At some points in time we'll simply tip you over that cliff, but only once you’ve indicated you’re ready, glanced back at us, and given us a thumbs-up.


Please note that we also offer a sliding scale of rates, so money and coaching are more independent issues.


Email For Questions Only (click the button above to request free coaching)

What is personal coaching?  Coaching is about expanding a client's awareness and then helping them to be accountable to what they have learned about themselves. It's about a coach's generosity of will and spirit.  It's not easy to explain briefly just why coaching works.  But imagine you are a chief executive officer (as you are, in fact, the CEO of your life).  You've got goals, so you have a chief of staff following you around all day with a clipboard.  Do you get things done?  You certainly do.  Now picture a chief of staff who knows best business practices and organization, psychology, and motivational behavior.  Add intuition and people sense.  This is what we do for you, through phone, email, and instant messenger correspondence all week long, taking down your plans, giving you directions and assignments, and ensuring that you get things done.  We are strategists; we are accountability.  And you get things done.
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