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Executive and Life Coach LaVonne Dorsey


Life, Career, Executive, Leadership, Diversity


Feroce Coaching is pleased to have on board LaVonne Dorsey, a distinguished consultant, executive coach, life coach, and mentor. She offers pragmatic, compassionate, and honest coaching to people who want to make a commitment to themselves and to change their lives for the better. LaVonne’s clients realize their full potential by envisioning and Life, Career, and Executive Coach LaVonne Dorseyverbalizing their dreams and goals, while taking small steps one at a time, transforming their lives towards a more vibrant, fulfilling future!

Find Fulfillment with LaVonne . . .

True Change: What most of us want and what a coach can help with.  Do you recognize yourself in one or more of these scenarios?



career coaching You have been successful but find yourself now seeking more balance/clarity.
career coaching You have not received a job or the promotions that you desire.
career coaching You see success in others and not yourself.
career coaching Your life is busy, disorganized, overwhelming.
career coaching You feel unhappy with relationships in your life.
career coaching You want to make changes, but don't know how or where to start.
career coaching You may be sabotaging yourself, but can't break old habits.
career coaching You're afraid to try, you're afraid to fail, and you're afraid of staying as you are—you're not in control of your life anymore.


LaVonne's Style: Life, Career, Executive Coach
LaVonne’s tenacity, drive, patience, integrity, and genuine spirit are her touchstones for helping others. She focuses on what is important to you, actively listens, and will guide you with a gentle and realistic perspective. Through each step taken, in grasping what the world has to offer, LaVonne will be by your side, unwavering, strong, and supportive as you make your way to a better life.


LaVonne specializes in career, life, and leadership and executive coaching, and in corporate environments she specializes in diversity and onboarding. She works with clients to:


career coaching Identify - clarify career goals, personal goals and aspirations.
career coaching Develop and maintain effective coaching plans with the client participant.
career coaching Integrate and evaluate interpretations that help the client to gain awareness and to achieve agreed-upon results.
career coaching Create individual development plans based on the job requirements and competencies at the next level.
career coaching Create opportunities for ongoing learning, in work/life situations.
career coaching Community and Team Building


Leadership Coaching
Identify what is getting in your way of being the leader that moves your team, family, or organization to the level you desire.


Career Coaching
career coaching Gain clarity on where you want to go. Create a clear map on how to get there.
career coaching Career Strategy
career coaching Corporate savvy and networking
career coaching Assess transferable skills


Life Coaching
career coaching Creating the life that you desire and have not been able to get there on your own.
career coaching Examine values and motivation
career coaching Set measurable goals
career coaching Define focused action plans
career coaching Identify and remove blocks to achieve valuable and sustainable changes


Team/Community Building
Create, build and sustain high functioning and trusting teams.Life, Career, Executive Coach


Executive/Professional Coaching:
LaVonne made significant contributions during her career in corporate America, at companies like Microsoft, Nordstrom, and Eddie Bauer. Her experience in training and development give her a strong foundation for coaching and shaping senior management executives. She wore many hats in human resources management and she collaborated, led, and influenced global initiatives. Worked alongside chief executives at Microsoft, LaVonne gained a bird’s eye view of the real pressures that go with leading a multi-billion dollar corporation. LaVonne harnesses a productive and practical perspective, which she references frequently when coaching her executive clientele.


LaVonne brings over 30 years of academic, corporate, and practical life experiences into coaching. Her academic credentials include a B.A. in Psychology and Organizational Development, which she earned from the University of Washington. LaVonne completed her life coaching education from The Coach Training Alliance (CTA) where she became a Certified Coach and Mentor. Additionally, she is certified in Human Element FIRO B testing and analysis, which she achieved through the Business Consultants Network, Inc. LaVonne’s training also included the Empowering Life’s Energies and Mastering Life’s Energies program from the Academy of Coaching Excellence. She recently completed her Chaplaincy Certification.




LaVonne has worked with clients at Bank of America, Microsoft, IBM, John L. Scott, Starbucks, Fujinon, Macy’s, Chrysler, Senator Murray’s office, Sandlot Games, M & R Strategic Services, GO-2-Girl Event Planning, Whole Foods, Starbucks, and JP Morgan/WAMU.


Cultures, people, and lifetime learning are just a few of LaVonne’s passions. With international travel ranging from Israel to Africa, India to New Zealand, LaVonne continues to gain insight on behaviors exercised across the globe. She has spent over 8 years developing and managing corporate diversity programs, including training and marketing focusing on employee inclusion and succession planning. LaVonne has served on a variety of boards and leadership counsels.


LaVonne’s Mission and Guarantee:
career coaching Work with my clients to realize all of their potentials and ultimately lead to them to m maximizing their abilities and determine the path of their life.
career coaching Work with my clients to actualize their desire of becoming more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming with the desire and motivation to achieve all budding ambitions.
career coaching Assisting my clients to find hope for themselves and for others so that they can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others and therefore in the world


career coaching Travel Rollerblading
career coaching Movies Working out/Weight training
career coaching Yoga Family time
career coaching Reading Cooking

A Recent Rave Review


"Thank you!  I am grateful for having you in my life right now, inspiring me!!  I needed this a long time ago . . ."



-- Edna


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