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Holistic Life Coach


A “Secret” Abundance Game Grows Your Riches!


Dr. Christina Winsey, Coach, Speaker, Intuitive, Healer

Have you ever asked a success, career or spiritual life coach: “What does science have to do with getting more prosperous?” He or She would answer: “Everything, and as sure as Newton’s apple landed on the ground from gravity, quantum physics (yes, physics) can assist you in fulfilling your dreams!” It can help you get the job of your dreams, develop a new business into a big money-maker, and/or assist you in creating magnificent relationships! If you are in management, or if you develop teams you can assist the individuals and the team as a whole, to create outstanding results as well!

Quantum physics is, in part, about the energetic laws of the Universe that we live by whether we want to or not – whether we are conscious of it or not. The Law of Attraction (a.k.a. the law of bringing to us what we want in life) is very real indeed. So why don’t many people know about it and use it to advantage? It has to do with unseen energy fields. When things are not visible, tangible and right in front of us, it makes it more difficult to believe we can influence them.

You have developed your life as it is right now because you have actually influenced energy around you through your thoughts and emotions. Have you noticed, perhaps, that people have big challenges controlling both of these? Developing self-management is a crucial!

Now I’m not speaking about the incidental negative thought, or occasional feelings of anger, fear, worry and the like. But one of the first things we tackle in coaching is to look at your ongoing and continuous thoughts patterns which, good or bad, influence your results!

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The fact is that you can learn to direct your thoughts and emotions and, over time, become master of yourself. The challenge in the idea that “we create our own reality” is that we see the world through our own filters (beliefs of “the way it is”), and, we have thoughts, feelings and reactions on cue and automatic to respond according to our beliefs.

Before we expound on controlling thoughts and emotions, a word about depression is in order because it has begun to be epidemic in our society. Many people experience this challenge with mood swings and depression, and just don’t believe they can control their negative thoughts and emotions. While depression and negative states can be organic, they can also be literally bad thought/emotion habits that you have done so often that you’ve created an automatic cascade of thoughts and feelings that bring you down with the slightest thing. After a while you believe you are depressed because it is a state you are used to being in. It becomes easy to recreate time after time.


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